Pfeiffer Sparkling Pfizz Red


An elegant, yet richly flavoured sparkling red wine produced from our estate grown Pinot Noir, which are over 50 years old.






A crown seal has been used on our Pfeiffer Pfizz Red to maximise its flavour and freshness, and to eliminate the chances of cork taint.


Superb now and will continue to drink well until 2027.

Vegan Friendly

Vegan NO | Vegetarian YES


EC1118 – A neutral yeast, commonly used in the production of sparkling wine.


Contains Sulphites and Egg

Technical Details

Res Sugar 38.6 g/L
pH 3.65
TA 6.67 g/L
Alcohol 13.6 % v/v
Disgorge Date 12th October 2020

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Fruit Sourcing


Harvest Date


Winter and spring 2016 saw rainfall averages well above normal, with heavy rainfall experienced between May and October. This coupled with high water releases into the Murray River system saw our Sunday Creek vineyard and parts of our Carlyle vineyard flooded in late September, into October. This put extreme pressure on the management of the vineyards, as we could not access them for around 4 weeks. Thankfully, summer was relatively dry, with less than average rainfall levels, which helped maintain the fruit quality. Yields were high, with some varieties cropping between 30-50% higher than average. These parcels were bunch thinned at veraison to achieve vine balance, giving good airflow, and reducing the bunch numbers to promote concentrated fruit flavours. A low level of supplementary irrigation was required to maintain good soil moisture levels and canopy health.

Vintage started much later this year, commencing on 2nd March, around 3 weeks later than last year’s early harvest. The first variety to be harvested was our Sunday Creek Frontignac. March saw a continuation of the warm, dry conditions experienced in summer, which allowed for a slow and steady development of sugar and flavor in the fruit, which meant for a slower paced start to the vintage. Three rain events in April saw the pace pick up, leading to the last fruit being harvested on April 28th, being Muscadelle and Muscat from our Sunday Creek vineyard.

Quality is good, with white wines showing lovely delicacy and elegant fruit aromas and flavours, with great natural acidity. Our red wines have terrific colour, with attractive fruit lift, and strong varietal definition. Our Portuguese varieties for our port styles performed very strongly this year, and our Muscats and Topaques show lovely perfume and elegance.

Produced from 50 year old vines grown on our Sunday Creek vineyard, the Pinot Noir crop is always small. As a result we get beautiful fruit of good colour and excellent depth. The base wines were fermented in both open and closed vats, with 10% stalks included back into the crush. Hand plunging and gentle pump overs occurred two to three times daily, before pressing at the end of fermentation.

The 2017 Pinot Noir base wine was matured in 2 and 3 year old French oak barriques for six months. The wine then blended together in tank, fined and clarified for tirage (where a secondary fermentation is started in tank, and the fermenting wine is bottled, creating the “pfizz”).

Our Sparkling Pinot Noir spends a minimum of 6 months on yeast lees. The wine is disgorged on demand (where the yeast lees are removed from the bottle, and a dosage liqueur is added to top the wine), to ensure freshness. We have chosen to use our 2015 Pfeiffer Christopher’s VP as the dosage liqueur, adding further complexity to the wine.

Our Pfeiffer Red Pfizz exhibits a lovely nose of mixed berries and spice.The medium-bodied palate is flavourful, with cherry and red berry fruit, balanced by soft tannins. We have chosen a crown seal as the closure for this wine to optimise flavour and freshness.

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