Introducing our new Cellardoor Manager

Many of you may have already met our wonderful new Cellardoor Manager, Amir Eskandari, who joined Pfeiffer Wines in December 2023. He is such a very kind and genuine man (with such a great sense of humour) who will add to and continue with the outstanding service you experience when you visit us, ring us or contact us in any way at all.

Amir came from Iran and has been living in Australia for the last 10 years, experiencing amazing wine related opportunities and now we feel so fotunate that he is with us.

We hope you enjoy reading the answers to the questions we asked him and that his responses give you a little insight into our newest staff member.

Where were you born?
Originally from a small town located in the northeast of Iran called Bojnurd, with an elevation of more than 1000m above the sea, seeing snow and touching ice during the winter, and a bit dry during the summer, 37 degrees latitude, which means a good condition for growing grapes. There are some table grapes around, mostly in the household backyards on pergolas to use their shade in summer and their leaves for cooking Dolma, but no Vitis Vinifera.

When did you arrive in Australia?
I arrived in Australia in 2014 on a student visa to study Master of Business and Technology at Flinders University.

What are some of your favourite previous wine roles?
I never forget my first role in the Wine Industry: Working in the largest wine tasting room in Australia in the middle of 120 boutique wines, at the National Wine Centre in Adelaide. Also working for 12 months outside under rain showers or harsh sun as a Cellar Hand was very rewarding. I learned a lot!

What is your favourite wine?
I have a savoury palate and enjoy challenging my simple brain with complex wines. My first choice would be Barolo but it costs an arm and leg, so not an everyday drink at all! Also my smile is wider when I have a nice Chenin Blanc in my glass.

What do you like cooking?
Moussaka! I can have it as breakfast lunch dinner, cold, warm, every day and again, as long as my digestive system responds! Also I enjoy cooking Mushroom Pea Risotto on my lazy days! And I want to shout that Pineapple doesn’t belong to pizza!!! I don’t usually cook pizza at home, just wanted to say it!

What are your favourite sports and/or hobbies?
Basketball and/or dancing Salsa. It is really hard to pick one, can’t imagine living without one or the other! Also I enjoy CrossFit too. It is my recent discovery and absolutely love it!

What is a fun fact about you?
I didn’t know there were different grape varieties before moving to Australia! I only had three words in my wine vocabulary: Red, White, and Sweet!

Amir Eskandari | Pfeiffer Wines Cellardoor Manager

Potting up the Pinot Noir