Vineyard Report - Spring 2013

By Tony Ormond


We all know that great wines start with great vines. Here’s a snap shot of what’s happening in the vineyards...


I keep a close eye on the vines and complete growth reports for every block, each and every week. Warmer weather is getting sap moving up the vines and brings about bud burst in the second or third week of September. Weeds are on the move too and controlling their green growth is one of my major tasks! We’re busy with maintenance tasks that help to protect the tender new buds from any early season frosts, including mowing grass between the vines and completing repairs to the irrigation system.

Last but not least we turn our attention to cleaning up the top of any vines that are to be grafted. It’s a busy time but it is all worth it when I open a bottle of delicious Pfeiffer wine – cheers!