The Story of Ted and Verdun Part 1

Today is our 51st Wedding Anniversary.  I remember our 13th Wedding Anniversary which was the day we moved into our home, 38 years ago today.  I wanted to share the story with you.

Chris and I had purchased this property from Seppelts way back in April of 1984.  Chris had continued working for Lindemans to finish jobs that needed completion and to train his successor.  Chris was Lindemans Chief Fortified Winemaker for the whole of the Lindemans Group.  It was a BIG job to leave but we were following Chris’s dream, to one day, own ‘his own place’.  And this was the day we had arrived at ‘his own place’…and mine too.  And it was our 13th Wedding Anniversary.  The removalists had put furniture in the house and boxes on the verandah.  Where to begin?  Which box to unpack first?  Which box had the kettle?

Then the silence of thought was broken with the putt, putt, putt noise of what turned out to be a little grey Fergie tractor.  And on this little grey Fergie tractor was a smiley, older man holding a bunch of flowers.  His name was Ted and he looked a bit like Santa but he wasn’t wearing a red suit.  ‘Welcome’, he said.  ‘These flowers are from my wife, to welcome you to the district’.  I promptly burst into tears and said, ‘It’s our Wedding Anniversary today and these are the only flowers I have received’.

Now don’t be dark on Chris…I wasn’t.  Getting to our new home, was enough.  We had to unpack, move in, eat dinner and sleep.  These were the only things on our agenda for that day.  To receive the beautiful, handpicked, homegrown flowers with its beautiful message of welcome, was the undoing of me at that moment. My tears were tears of joy at this act of kindness.

But the story doesn’t end there.  Ted’s wife’s name was Verdun.  Every year while Ted and Verdun lived on the property next door, and then, when they moved a bit further up the road, Verdun bought a bunch of homegrown flowers, for our Wedding Anniversary, on this day and on this date, every year.

Sometimes she would walk up the hill from the original Tuileries property and sometimes Ted would come with them on his little grey Fergie tractor from Quandong.

I never cried again on our Wedding Anniversary. I always smile and I smile at the memory of the most special Wedding Anniversary gift I have ever received.

Recollections by Robyn Pfeiffer